Hot Mama's Haven Whipped Body Butter

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Hot Mama's Haven Whipped Body Butter features natural ingredients known to help women with hot flashes & the balancing of female hormones. 

Hot Mama's Haven may just be the cool relaxing balance & relief you've been looking for. 

Ingredients: Shea Butter, Black Seed Oil, Coconut Nut Oil, Apricot Oil, Pure Honey, Ashwagandha, Essential oil blend of Lavender, Geranium, Peppermint, Lemon, Ginger, Clary Safe


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Hot Mama Haven is just a blessing for me during this menopause season of my life; I LOVE IT!!!!

I have tried many remedies over the years to move through my day-to-day menopause season and all it brings (it appears to change daily at times) BUT WHEN I TRIED HOT MAMA HAVEN I have a balance of calmness and no sweats,

Every morning I place HOT MAMA HAVEN generously on all pause points: temples, wrists, behind ears, neck, arm pits, behind knees, ankles, and soles of feet. Every single day my body takes a deep breathe as a sigh of relief.

I am forever grateful to have walked into Black Butterfly and try something new. ONE OF THE BEST THINGS EVER HAPPEN TO ME!

Forever Grateful

My Experience with Hot Mama's Haven

I have used the product consistently for a week in the following ways:
1) I experience flashes during the day where it feels as if someone strikes a match under my chin and my whole neck and face gets hot! So, in the mornings, I started applying a generous amount of the product to my chest, neck and arms (not my face due to other products I use). This week of consistent use resulted in me either not having the flashes or if I did, they were not as intense as before! I may start using on my face, but I have to consult with my esthetician before I start.
2) During the night I find myself throwing my covers off because my body suddenly gets hot, and then I will end up putting them all back on because I get cold! ( I sleep with AC, and fan y'all) so, before bed I began applying the product to my entire body, arm, legs, chest, neck, stomach and everywhere else I can reach. This week due to the consistent use of the product, I have not experienced having to throw my covers off!! I do not skimp on the product, I apply it generously and rub it into my skin. It leaves the skin feeling really soft and smooth too!
I told Gloria that I really did not like the smell at first (it is not bad), I am just used to get the good smelling stuff from her shop. LOL! Once applied, you do not smell anything, especially after adding my perfume and other lotions. I will continue to use!


I saw the new product “Hot Mama Haven” advertised online so on a trip to Austin I stopped by Black Butterfly Bath & Body HQ and purchased two them.

The first day i rubbed “Hot Mama Haven” on all pulse points: wrist. neck, behind the ear, inside ankles, both armpits, and each temple of forehead. Immediately, there was a deep sigh (release) from my entire body.

I have been in menopause for two decades now and gone through many stages. My physician has help over the years, I have tried many over the counter products, and health remedies but right now, today “Hot Mama Haven” has me back in the middle again emotionally and physically. IT WORKS!