Aluminum Free Deodorants

Black Butterfly Aluminum-FREE Deodorants Are Back!

Check out why we worked so hard to provide you a natural deodorant that doesn't contain aluminum.👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿

Most of the time aluminum plays an essential ingredient in manufacturing a deodorant. Deodorant containing aluminum kills the bacteria (which causes bad odor) and it controls sweat.

However, during this process the aluminum makes a short-term coat over sweat pores. This way it affects the natural mechanism of sweating in the body.

Using of deodorant with aluminum can develop medical problems-affecting the lymph glands. Aluminum is absorbed in the cells of the body very easily and so, the body also tends to absorb the harmful compounds through deodorant.

Deodorant containing aluminum can be one of the causes of some harmful diseases such as-Breast cancer, kidney problems and Alzheimer’s disease.


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