Flutter & Flow Hair Naturals(ReDropping Soon)

Flutter & Flow Hair Naturals is beautiful line infusing oils, herbs, fruit & berry extracts from Africa, China, India, Mexico & the West Indies into nutritious natural haircare for a diverse range of people.

We focused on four essential aspect of haircare.

1) Clarify & Reset
There are many things that contribute to dry lifeless hair that is hard to style and frustrating to maintain.

It may very well be the result of clogged pores & product buildup.

So we created MUDDLE EXFOLIATING SCALP SCRUB & FIZZLE BLACK SOAP SHAMPOO to help remove oil, dirt & build up to help you reset your to RECIEVE the nutrients from BLOSSOM FOLLICLE & ROOT STIMULATOR as well as DRIZZLE DEEP MOISTURING HAIR OIL.

2) Heal & Hydrate
It is a well known fact that hair growth stems from keeping your hair hydrated.
So we formulated a natural hydration blend featuring carrier oils know for penetrating the hair shaft.

Carrier oils like Olive Oil, Avocado oil, Almond Oil, Black Seed Oil & Broccoli Seed Oil were Infused with the finest herbs & extracts known to stimulate hair follicles & ultimately promoted hair growth.

3) Seal & Protect
To seal in that hydration and render smooth & shiny hair minus the frizzys, we developed FRIZZLE LEAVE IN CONDITIONER & DAILY MOISTURISER as well as FRIZZLE FLUTTER HAIR PUDDING.

4) Define & Style
Now that we've dealt with clarification, hydration & protection, it's time to style with TWIZZLE CURL DEFINING SEALANT LOTION to lock those natural curls in or develop those God-given waves. 

Enjoy the journey into the new Flutter & Flow Hair Naturals Collection! 

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