Flutter & Flow Hair Naturals

Flutter & Flow Hair Naturals is beautiful line infusing oils, herbs, fruit & berry extracts from Africa, China, India, Mexico & the West Indies into nutritious natural haircare for a diverse range of people.

We focused on four essential aspect of haircare.

1) Clarify & Reset
There are many things that contribute to dry lifeless hair that is hard to style and frustrating to maintain.

It may very well be be the result of clogged pores & product buildup.

So we created MUDDLE EXFOLIATING SCALP SCRUB & FIZZLE BLACK SOAP SHAMPOO to help remove oil, dirt & build up to help you reset your to RECIEVE the nutrients from BLOSSOM FOLLICLE & ROOT STIMULATOR as well as DRIZZLE DEEP MOISTURING HAIR OIL.

2) Heal & Hydrate
It is a well known fact that hair growth stems from keeping your hair hydrated.
So we formulated a natural hydration blend featuring carrier oils know for penetrating the hair shaft.

Carrier oils like Olive Oil, Avocado oil, Almond Oil, Black Seed Oil & Broccoli Seed Oil were Infused with the finest herbs & extracts known to stimulate hair follicles & ultimately promoted hair growth.

3) Seal & Protect
To seal in that hydration and render smooth & shiny hair minus the frizzys, we developed FRIZZLE LEAVE IN CONDITIONER & DAILY MOISTURISER as well as FRIZZLE FLUTTER HAIR PUDDING.

4) Define & Style
Now that we've dealt with clarification, hydration & protection, it's time to style with TWIZZLE CURL DEFINING SEALANT LOTION to lock those natural curls in or develop those God-given waves. 

Enjoy the journey into the new Flutter & Flow Hair Naturals Collection! 

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