Flouride-Free Natural Toothpaste

We are happy to offer a wide assortment of Fluoride-Free Natural Toothpaste due to the fact that too much fluoride can lead to dental fluorosis or skeletal fluorosis, which can damage bones and joints.

The Medical News Today states that fluoride is found naturally in soil, water, and foods. It is also produced synthetically for use in drinking water, toothpaste, mouthwashes and various chemical products.

Water authorities add fluoride to the municipal water supply, because studies have shown that adding it in areas where fluoride levels in the water are low can reduce the prevalence of tooth decay in the local population.

Tooth decay is one of the most common health problems affecting children. Many people worldwide cannot afford the cost of regular dental checks, so adding fluoride can offer savings and benefits to those who need them.

However, concerns have arisen regarding fluoride’s effect on health, including problems with bones, teeth, and neurological development.

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