(NEW) Turmeric & Sea Moss Handmade Soap
(NEW) Turmeric & Sea Moss Handmade Soap

(NEW) Turmeric & Sea Moss Handmade Soap

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Our Turmeric & Sea Moss Handmade Soap helps to achieve glowing skin with amazing hydration as well as aide in fading dark spots for more clearer even toned skin.

Turmeric, a natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory helps to speed up the skin’s ability to form new tissue while the many benefits of Sea Moss helps skin retain water.

The Infusion of Essential Oils of Lemongrass(known as nature's facelift), Orange(known for being rich in Vitamin C), Grapefruit & Tea Tree(known as the most medicinal of essential oils), along with Vitamin C(boost collagen & sun protection), Biotin(improves elasticity), Honey(humuctant) combine to deliver superb layers of excellent skin repair.


Always avoid soap in the eyes & be sure to wash & rinse thoroughly as Turmeric has been known to leave yellowish stains.

We recommend using a similar or darker colored washcloth. 

Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Canola Oil, Soybean Oil, Organic Shea Butter,  Water, Sodium Hydroxide Lye, Olive Pomace Oil, Sunflower Oil, Turmeric, Sea Moss, Amla, Ashwagandha, Orange Peel, Honey, Vitamin C, Biotin, Ground Ginger, Sea Salt, Essential Oils of Orange, Lemongrass, Grapefruit, Tea Tree