The Bootleg Bible by Kimberly Holiday

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An Interactive Bible Study Guide for “On-the-Go” Believers!

The notion of our relational connections to God looking, sounding, and being the same is some "cookie-cutter" nonsense! The "Bootleg Bible Devotional" dismisses and dismantles the falsity of devotion having to be done "a certain way!"

Due to the fact, that each of us experience God differently, our interpretations of Him and His Word are also varied. Some may argue, that this is pointedly inconsistent... However, what it really conveys is the undeniable AWESOMENESS of God. He is everything He NEEDS to be for EVERYBODY, simultaneously!

Therefore, our communication, our intimacy, and our personal perspectives of GOD are NOT intended to be the same; because we were all created uniquely! And this my fellow lovers-of-God, reveals the amazing, and unwavering consistency of God! He has called us by name and God knows who we are!

Thus our cultivated devotional synchrony with Him, belongs to no one else except us. This may seem "bootleg" but it is more so the manifestation of God in the most genuine ways... and there is nothing more sincere than the establishment of personal relationship WITH God!

The Bootleg Devotional shows just "how real" God is, when we become personally involved with Him!