Lavender Lux Gift Basket with a Pair of African Earrings

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Lavender is just amazing for relieving stress & helping one fall asleep.

The Lavender Lux Gift Set is a perfect gift for those who need to relax their minds & steal away.

Included is an 8oz Lavender Lux Black Soap Bodywash,  an 8oz Lavender Lux Whipped Shea Body Butter, an 8oz Lavender Lux Bodyscrub, and a Lavender Lux scented Bar of Black Soap.

In addition, we've topped it all off with an African Fabric Wrapped Pair of Teardrop Earrings.

Designs of the actual basket, earrings or bracelet may vary. We will do our best to coordinate colors with the collection. 

Lastly, price includes added shipping in order to maintain the shape of the gift set. It will have to be shipped in the upright position. Therefore, a larger box will have to be used instead of packing each product individually. 

That way, when your loved one opens the box, their gift still looks great enough to put a smile on their face!