Our Ice Breaker

[schedule_now] Hey there! Sheabuttababe here again to whisk you off on another journey....This time we're talking about the Fragrance Oil Bar at Black Butterfly. Since day one of opening our doors, we have carried fragrance oils. Even before the great transition over to becoming a bath & body shop, fragrance oils have had a key roll to play in the success of Black Butterfly. There's just something about searching for that right fragrance oil that puts people at ease. It tends to be an ice breaker..... A conversation starter....A laugh inducer.. I've seen total strangers come in and sit at the fragrance oil bar only to rely on each other's expertise on whether a fragrance smells good or not. It is by far the only tool my business has successfully used to cross over race, creed, gender, age, status, you name it...... Everybody wants to smell good....I hope:-) I read research the other day that spoke of fragrance is being tied to our emotional. Depending on what happened at the time, we will either love or dislike a fragrance. It spoke of a woman who loved the smell of skunk because it reminded her of a wonderful sunny day she had with her family back when she was 5 years old.....WOW! Must have been one fun day!...lol Anyways, the article spoke of what happens biologically & psychologically when we encounter fragrances. It creates a neuroassociation......It reminds of something, someone, some place, and so on.... The sense of smell plays a crucial role in our emotional well-being in this rapidly changing and chaotic world. Dr. Schiffman of Duke University said: “although the world will continue to become more technological, our biological nature will always be at the core of our lives. A life without olfactory pleasure would be an empty one”. via Why we use fragrances - IFRA International Fragrance Association. I know for me I love to clean with Pinesol because of the way it makes my house smell so clean. I've tried cleaning without it and it just doesn't feel the same. So hopefully when you come into Black Butterfly and sit at our Fragrance Oil Bar, you'll find a fragrance that'll become memorable... I hope you'll find a fragrance oil that'll make you feel sexy....Maybe there's a fragrance oil that we have that'll make you feel powerful! I'm almost sure you'll find one that suits you because we have over 400 fragrances for both men & women. And some even use these oils to create their own natural bath & body products from our unscented collection. Now these fragrance oils were inspired by designer fragrances. These fragrances & names are the Trademark and the property of their respective owners. Black Butterfly is not affiliated with any of the brand name fragrances/perfumes or its manufacturers in any respect. Our complete list of fragrance oils can be found in the Fragrance category or on our site at http://shopblackbutterfly.com/fragrances.html. I find the psychology of fragrance fascinating. Until then.... Keep smelling fabulous! sheabuttababe