Our Breakthrough

Heyyyy! So glad you could join me! I'm Gloria Henry-Manor aka sheabuttababe! I create the products sold at Black Butterfly Bath & Body in Austin, Texas. I wanted to share my journey with you.....I hope you enjoy it! About 2 years into running Black Butterfly, my husband & I answered the demands of our clients by providing natural shea butter products. Initially, we carried products obtained from other natural companies we had wholesale accounts with. Eventually, certain things began to frustrate me. The companies I had accounts with were constantly raising their wholesale prices and changing their blends. Not to mention their poor attention to shipping details and lack of quality customer service. I was ready for a change. Determined to make a difference & provide the absolute best for my clients, I decided to kick those big companies to the curb & start making my own bath & body products. Finally, I'd know exactly what ingredients were used to make each product. I set my standard to make natural bath & body products featuring ingredients from Africa. They were to be fragrant, fun & luxurious to the touch at a reasonable price..... It's been 2 years of creating amazing products for Black Butterfly. Each Collection consist of an 8oz Bottle of Shea Butter Lotion, an 8oz Jar of Bodyscrub, an 8oz Jar of Shea Souffle (Body Butter), and a 16oz Jar of Dead Sea Salt Bath.... I have since come out with my own line of natural haircare products and am currently working on a collection called Blueberry Pie.... Sounds yummy right!...lol Anyway, I just wanted to share what got me started making the products at Black Butterfly....You just never know why something is frustrating you. Those companies that I was dealing with came along to get me to a certain place in my life. But soon became the frustration God used to get me to another level...... When frustration comes in your life, don't run from it!  It may be God tugging at you to go up a little higher by doing something about it.....Don't see something offered in a store?....Maybe its because you haven't provided it yet.Yoohoo... We're waiting for you.... Until we meet again......sheabuttababe