Our Beginning

The Establishment

It all started with a proposal……

 It was Dec. 2002 when my husband David Manor proposed and of course, I accepted. I thought long and hard about what type of bride I would be.  I chose to get married as an African Queen. I went throughout the city of Austin searchin' for African Fabric. At the time, not one fabric store carried African fabric. 

Determined & frustrated, I went online & located my dream fabric at a wholesale African textile company.  They only sold to other businesses…..

"How do I get my hands on this fabric?" I contemplated.  

I marched right on down to register a DBA in the name of  Black Butterfly Interiors….. Bought loads of fabric and on June 28th, 2003, David & I tied the knot unaware that our wedding had established more than a marriage.

The Epiphany  Things moved pretty quickly after that. Family illness caused me to quit my job in corporate America to become my father’s fulltime nurse.

It was then that I toyed with the idea of starting a business. With David’s support, bolts of African fabric, loads of African jewelry & many months of booth setups, we opened the doors of Black Butterfly Afrocentric Boutique on 1717 E. 12th St October 26th, 2004 in Austin, Texas.

Black Butterfly became my rubics cube, constantly adjusting & shifting it to accommodate the demands of the people.  From 2004-2006, we provided African fabric,  clothing & jewelry to those who desired to add a touch of Africa to their American lives. But it soon became apparent that this was a seasonal demand that would arise mostly in February for Black History Month. We needed a change & we needed it fast!

The Evolution “Do you carry shea butter?” Customers began to ask. “People keep asking for this shea butter!” I told my husband. “Hmmmm….. Time to regroup & rethink the direction” he said…..

So we closed our doors for one month and went fishing…  Not really, I’ve been fishing twice & hated every minute of it….YUCK!...LOL

So, anyway, we removed all the boutique stuff & replaced it with products filled with shea butter. July 2006, we had a grand reopening as Black Butterfly Bath & Body.

I dove into shea butter learning all about it. This opened the door to my interest in natural healing through aromatherapy.

Fascinated, I began to incorporate it in the store to help others attain better health through the application & inhalation of natural essential oils. I infused these oils into shea butter lotions, whipped butters, body scrubs, dead sea salts & more. 

It is now my passion to have others know that you can achieve a level of healing relief from natural sources instead of always relying chemically induced alternatives. Not to discount what your doctor directs you to do. Be wise but know your options.

All I'm saying is if you've got a headache, why not use peppermint lotion?  You have to put some lotion on anyway.  Instead of taking sleeping pills, why not take a long hot bath in dead sea salts infused with the essential oil of lavender? Its relaxing, luxurious & healing all at the same time....

You have problems with eczema, psoriasis, dry skin?....Hands down! Use SHEA BUTTER BABY!.....It is amazing and leaves skin so soft & glowing like its been sunkissed.

The natural healing is out there…..And I’ve aimed Black Butterfly Bath & Body to be the resource. 

We're excited to say that we've recently launched our own line of natural bath & body products to include lotions, dead sea salt baths, body scrubs, whipped shea butter soufflés, and hair butter. These are the products you'll find represented on this site.

We also offer soaps full of crazy good natural ingredients from other natural companies we've research & trust.

And let me not forget to tell you about our Fragrance Oil Bar that houses over 400 fragrance oils for men & women.

People come from miles away to sit & smell till they sniff out that perfect fragrance they've been looking for. They use them as perfumes & colognes, add them to our signature lotion, souffles, scrubs & more all to create a one of a kind product just for themselves or as a gift.

Now these are not originals but types that were inspired by designer fragrances making things a whole lot of more fun & full of fragrance. But we didn't stop there....

The Expansion I began to wonder about the chemicals that one encountered when they went to get nail & skin treatments. I said to myself, "Why not let Black Butterfly offer services? You already have a background in cosmetology. Might as well put it to good use" So David & I made plans to offer natural nail & facial services at Black Butterfly. Committed to keeping things more healthy & natural, I decided to make the products that are used in each service. But we had a problem.....Our building was too small to accommodate this expansion. It was time to move….Enter, the new location. I've always wanted to be different. I didn't want to relocate Black Butterfly to a place that was too something looking. I wanted something with character, more homey, more jazzy! I didn't have to go far. God moved & gave me favor to move Black Butterfly into a 3 bedroom house. I was so excited to be able to put my interior decorating skills to work. David & I painted & pounded our way to transform that house into unique Caribbean-styled getaway with enough rooms to house every aspect of Black Butterfly.  The kitchen is now the bath & body shop while the living room became the fragrance oil bar. Each bedroom now caters to a different service. The front & back yards are now outdoor venue where we host parties & offer as available for party rental. Its a place to see & behold. Totally thinking outside the box. pediroom manistation storepic4 mini-boutique

The Extension We’re so excited about the future for Black Butterfly. July 2012, we announced that we extended our services to include haircare.... Yes you heard it hear folks....God has brought me full circle back to my passion of haircare! Healthy haircare is what I am to offer. My plan is to create custom products that I'll be using according to each persons hair type. What a fun concept! Truly personal..... Just recently we added the availability of Organic Teas...We chose to heighten your natural experience by pairing them with our bath & body collections. So from the inside out, you're able to heal & mend, restore & rejuvenate naturally...... image I hope you enjoy learning how Black Butterfly got started.  I feel blessed & honored to have you here. I thank you for the opportunity to share what Black Butterfly has to offer. I invite you to shop, stop by & visit when you’re in town or simply contact us with any questions you may have. And we’ll do our best to get the answer to you…....... While you're here, check out our blends at www.shopblackbutterfly.com....... Enjoy your visit! Sheabuttababe