Coconut & Goat's Milk Soap w/ Tea Tree & Autumn Cedar

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Indulge and refresh your senses with the brisk scents of woody autumn cedar, a touch of crisp warm herbal essence blended with Rosemary/basil and coconut water. Giving you a distinctive pleasant aroma taking you back to a pleasant walk in the woods. 

Formualated to nourish the skin with hydrating Virgin coconut oil that helps prevent flaking skin. Rich in Alpha Hydroxyl, Goat's Milk works to naturally exfoliate dead skin cells while the Tea Tree oil clarifies & fights acne with its anti-bacterial and anti fungal properties.....



Organic Virgin Coconut Oil (Nucifera Coos), Goat's Milk, Palm Oil, Sodium Palm Kernekate and/or Sodium Cocoate, Olive Oil, Gycerin, Sodium Chloride, EDTA, Water, fragrances, micro abrasive exfoliating material of plant origin, FDA colorants